How does Pilot Recruitment Work?

All our pilots are required to have atleast 100 hrs of flying experience on the Airbus A320 Aircraft. The pilot may be required to sit an entry assessment as part of the application.
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What aircraft do we have?

We operate only the Airbus A320 Family aircraft. We have liveries available for FSlabs A320, Aerosoft A320 with and without winglets and also FFA320 for X Plane.

Is there a minimum amount of flying expected from me?

Yes. We expect all Pilots to remain active within the Air 2000 Pilot Community and fly at least 2 sectors per month.

Can I transfer my flying hours from a previous VA or ProjectFly?

Yes. We work in the same way a real world airline does. We allow Airbus A320 family hours to be transferred to us from other VA's or from ProjectFly. It's just a simple form to fill in, supplying some proofs. You will be able to request an hour transfer once your application is approved.

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